ROBERT FRANK is considered the most influential living photographer. With his book The Americans he gained worldwide fame. Frank was born in Zurich and moved to the US in 1947 where he looked up fellow Swiss Herbert Matter. They bacame friends and Matter was instrumental in introducing Frank to the New Yorks art scene.


MASSIMO VIGNELLI has achieved just about anything a designer can achieve. Born in Milan, he has worked both in Italy and the US. In 1966 he took over the KNOLL account after Herbert Matter worked for the company for almost two decades. Always an admirer of Matter’s work, Vignelli hired Matter back as the photographer for the Knoll jobs.



JOHN T. HILL was one of Herbert Matter’s first students at Yale and subsequently collaborated with Matter on many projects. A master graphic designer in his own right, he finished the Giacometti book after Matter became too ill to finish it himself. Hill is also known as an expert in all things Walker Evans.


JESSICA HELFAND is a graphic designer and author. She was one of the last students at Yale learning from Herbert Matter and is now a critic there herself. She is a regular contributor to the design blog Design Observer and is a partner in the design consultancy Winterhouse.


ALEX MATTER is the son of Herbert and Mercedes Matter. As a child, Alex was often used as a model in his father’s work. Alex Matter is a successful filmmaker in his own right and is a driving force behind the conservation of both his parents legacy.


ELAINE LUSTIG COHEN has worn many hats in her career: artist, graphic designer, art dealer and archivist. She was married to designer Alvin Lustig and they lived in Southern California during the time the Matters lived there as well.

KERRY WILLIAM PURCELL is an english author on graphic design and viual culture. He is the author of monographs on design legends Alexey Brodovitch and Müller-Brockmann as well as an unpublished book on Herbert Matter.



STEVE HELLER was an art director at the New York Times for 33 years. He is the co-founder and co-chair of the MFA designer as author program at the School of Visual Arts. As author and/or editor of over 100 books on visual culture he is one of the foremost authorities on design and popular culture.